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Pine wood
  • Origin

    North America

  • Uses

    Offices and furniture, -floors and surfaces - sauna centers.

  • Physical properties

    Pine wood is considered a high-density wood, which is why it can be placed in kitchens and saunas because it resists weather and heat.

  • Density

    800 kg/m3

  • Sizes

    It starts at 1 inch, and its maximum size is 12 inches

Beech wood
  • Origin

    Romania, Croatia and Germany

  • Types

    – unsteamed unedged beech wood
    – steamed unedged beech wood.
    – steamed edged beech wood.

  • Physical properties

    Beech wood is classed as heavy, hard, strong, high in resistance to shock and highly suitable for steam bending.
    • Specific Gravity: 0.64 (12{b1101215c7ce8bd4cc5d43a1198b65e9de71b185cb5ce6501620a33ccab08282} M.C.)
    • Average Weight: 650- 720 kg/m3 (12{b1101215c7ce8bd4cc5d43a1198b65e9de71b185cb5ce6501620a33ccab08282} M.C.)
    • Average Volumetric Shrinkage: 13.0{b1101215c7ce8bd4cc5d43a1198b65e9de71b185cb5ce6501620a33ccab08282} (Green to 6{b1101215c7ce8bd4cc5d43a1198b65e9de71b185cb5ce6501620a33ccab08282} M.C.)
    • Modulus of Elasticity: 11,859 MPa • Hardness: 5782 N

  • Thickness

    26mm to 100mm

  • Lengths:

    – Short: from 100 cm – 170 cm
    – Long: from 180 cm and up

  • Main Uses

    Furniture, doors, flooring, paneling, brush handles.

Russian pine
  • Origin

    Russia – Finland

  • Uses

    Furniture and doors- Flooring- Construction- Block board manufacturing

  • Density

    450 kg/m3 at MC 12{b1101215c7ce8bd4cc5d43a1198b65e9de71b185cb5ce6501620a33ccab08282}

  • Lenghts

    starting from 180 cm up to 600 cm

  • Widths

    75mm up to 250mm

  • Thicknesses

    19mm up to 75mm

White Wood
  • Origin

    Russia - Finland - North and South America

  • Uses

    Building and construction - paper industries - wood industries (household appliances _ and musical instruments).

  • Physical properties

    • Soft is easy to shape.
    • Wood durability and hardness.
    • Easy to form and cut.

Ply wood
  • We offer a wide diversity of plain, veneered and film faced plywood, from Russia, finland and Brazil.

  • Uses

    Furniture manufacturing, Decoration, Packing, Floor base. Container flooring, Laminate boards, construction projects.

  • Face & back:

    - plain: falcata, poplar, birch,hardwood, bintangor.
    -veneered :
    1- natural veneer: oak, beech, sapele, pine, walnut.
    2- polyester: white, oak, beech, sapele, walnut.
    3- Film faced plywood: covered with impregnated paper, for building and construction projects.

  • Thickness

    3 mm to 24mm – special thicknesses up to 45mm

Block board
  • Uses

    Furniture manufacturing – interior Designs – kitchens, etc.

  • Face &back

    plain : Falcata face for Indonesian block board or poplar , okume for Egyptian Blockboard.
    Faced or covered:
    1- Natural veneers : as red oak, beech, mahogany, pine, walnut ,etc..
    2- White Polyester :Indonesian block board.
    3- HPL: any color,per request.

  • Dimensions

    1220 mm x 2440 mm, 1220 mm x 2980 mm, 1220mmx2800mm

  • Thickness

    9mm to 22mm, special thicknesses up to 40mm

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